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Page Wireframing and Design of User Interface

Wireframes are nondesign-oriented sketches, storyboards for the site. They include a representation of all major page elements, content, navigation, media, and functional elements that need to appear on a page. Wireframes show a certain hierarchy of information but do not dictate exactly how something should be represented.

We will complete wireframes for all unique main, secondary, and templatized pages (containing similar content, placement, and layout) and for any pages with unique functionality. Wireframes will show the content layout and navigational organization of a few key pages within a site. We will plan the navigation model for your site tailored to your audience and desired user actions. A solid and consistent naming and labeling system will clearly define the contents of your site and will set a right tone about your company. Depending on the readiness of your content, wireframes will also show copy, light functionality, links, navigation, and graphic content in a more detailed format.