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Content Audit and Outline

Content audit and outline serve as a basis for establishing site structure and the entire development process.

Content Audit is an evaluation of every piece of relevant content (text, graphics, media) to determine what information will be used on the site. The goal is to remove or minimize less important content and maximize the content that fulfills business goals.

Content Outline is division of content into logical groupings and sub groupings to show hierarchy and importance of key sections. We will need to define the scope of your site's anticipated contents, pick a primary mission for the content and organize the content to service that goal. Outlining content sets the stage for planning the nature of the features, the naming and labeling that the user sees.

For the most part, the content audit and outline are the client's responsibility because only you can truly analyze and modify your content. However, we will work closely with you to assist you in this process, to gather direct input and determine the site structure, page organization, naming, labeling, and content needs.