Web Analytics

You cannot control what you do not measure. You need to know what happens after your hard earned traffic reaches your site. You are not interested in the traffic for the sake of traffic. You are interested in specific results.

Depending on the type of your web site and your business goals we will determine what to measure and how, gather the necessary information and distill it. This will allow you to focus on the right numbers in order to make the right changes to your web site and improve your bottom line.

Measure how compelling your offerings are to your visitors and how well you are marketing to them. Are you giving them a reason to come back? How compelling is your content? How easy it is for your visitors to find what they want?

Are you attracting the right audience? Do they find your site easy to use and attractive and your content engaging?

Do you have major flaws in navigation or page layout? How well can your site make a sale to a shopper? How efficient is your marketing? What is your site’s ability to generate repeat business? How much your traffic is costing you? What is ROI of your marketing campaigns?

Get the answers expressed in specific numbers to these and other key questions.Initial gathering of web metrics could be used as a benchmark and to identify problems requiring immediate attention. After establishing the benchmark you will make the best use of this information if you gather and interpret it on a regular basis. Doing so will allow to detect trends which is the most important basis for making the right decisions.

Investment: From $30/month